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The Scorates Award Ceremony

The Scorates Award Ceremony

Europe Business Assembly (EBA) is an International non-governmental organization, a voluntary association of political, scientific and business leaders from all over the world, a tool for multicultural dialogue.

Main activity areas of EBA are:

Business globalization of community members, promotion of their achievements and innovative methods in the fields of their economy, science, education and medicine facilitation. Through the initiative of Europe Business Assembly (EBA Oxford, UK) on 18 December 2018 a major international event began in South - East Britain- “The Oxford Summit of leaders: Prime Business Destination.”

Held at Oxford Town Hall, the Oxford Summit of leaders is an interactive platform for international cooperation. This year participants exceeded 150, among them were members of parliament, representatives of ministries, scientists, city managers, business organizations and higher educational institutions form forty countries. Among them Chetona Model Academy (CMA) was one of the participants.

In the morning of December 15th the EBA Academic lounge was opened by Lord Digby. The plenary session of summit of leaders was held in the Main Hall of Oxford Town Hall and was opened with the keynote speech by Lord Digby Jones. The speaker, academic and business executives were provided with two side discussion panels for fruitful dialogue on the subject of the educational spheres improvement and methods of profitable entrepreneurship.

The honorable Principal, Lt. Col Md. G.R. Jahangir, AEC (retd) of CMA represented our Chetona Model Academy (CMA) where he gave speech on the basis of topic- Creation of branches of world universities. His speech reflected the secret fact of a dynamic approach to nurturing a global network of students and academic staffs of CMA. He propounded the visionary aims and objectives of CMA where he mentioned about the development of its students of through the mottos, ”Excellent knowledge, wisdom and character. ” In addition to this he ensured that the teachers of CMA follow various creative methodologies, such as presentation, lesson, demonstration, discussion, interactive methods etc to effectuate their teaching in the best possible ways and means.

CMA, Bangladesh is committed to promoting and expanding modern education of the world standard. We intent to go forward with our lofty aims and objectives of producing luminous leading lights to illuminate the society in the days to come. We are dynamically committed to implement and extend our dignified visionary planning with the utmost efforts.

In conclusion, the respected Principal of Chetona Model Academy (CMA) expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the EBA authority for providing opportunity to present CMA in the midst of such an enthusiastic and exalted conference.

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