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Pitha Mela 2019

Pitha Mela 2019

Rice cakes popularly known as Pitha occupies an important place in our culinary culture. For Bengalis it has been a long tradition to make varieties of pitha, particularly in the winter. As the grandmother makes delectable pitha, the children await eagerly, the air gets heavy with the aroma of khejurer rosh, a familiar picture in rural households. To preserve and promote this cultural tradition, CMA has been organized the event, Pitha Mela 2019, on 17th January. The festival features with different types of pitha from students, guardians, teachers and staff of CMA. The Pitha Mela continued form 10 am to 2pm at the ground floor of CMA campus.

Malpoya, Malai, Pata, Rosh Phul, Bhajapuri, Pati Sapta, Rosh Golap, Nakshi Pitha, Pantua, Jhinuk Pitha, Vhitai, Tel Pitha, Dudh Chitai, Labanga Latika are just some of the names of varies pitha being sold at the festivals. Besides pithas, there were other food items, like finni, pudding, chicken pies, cha-coffee, chatpati, halua and many more in different booths.

The exceptional event was that there was a great competition of different categories stores, as 1st, 2nd, 3rd stores and the most delicious pitha or the most decorated store or many more. The crowd of visitors enjoyed different cuisine in one place and they agreed the quality of foods were so fresh and delicious atmosphere of Pitha Mela 2019.


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