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Principal Message

Principal Message

Respected parents, esteemed community members and the well-wishers, Assalamu Alaikum. I take great pleasure and pride to release this short message for your kind appraisal of the CMA’s mission and vision. Chetona Model Academy (CMA) was established in 2005 by a group of enthusiastic patron of education as the first English Version school at Mirpur Area, Dhaka for producing global standard well-educated, well-skilled, well-motivated patriotic citizens of the nation who all will get integrated with the national and global workforce with the best of their credits. CMA seeks to create an inspiring and lively quality teaching and learning environment that will stimulate flowering and flourishing the latent qualities and potentialities of its students. The CMA is meant to design and generate high standards of learning experiences for the children by providing access to all areas of the prescribed curriculum. The academy especially focuses on the growth and development of knowledge, wisdom and character of its students which ultimately ensures “complete development of the whole man”. We believe in the harmonious development of our students’ physical, intellectual, aesthetic and humanitarian potency and competence. Our students are highly brilliant, industrious and scintillating who all can be guiding lights for the nation. They only need proper motivation, guidance and training to blossom fully in love, care and goodness. CMA takes this responsibility with its well-trained quality teachers, quality curricular and co curricular programmes and excellent governance. We cater for both the national and international necessity and reality of the education, training and grooming of our students. In the process we try to inculcate in them the modern progressive outlook, scientific mentality and entrepreneurial pursuit so that they can successfully work and lead in the national and international arenas.
CMA is very much keen about the educational level, training and grooming of the teaching and supporting staff members. It does not compromise the standard and quality in the recruitment of its teachers. We follow a standard and transparent system of recruitment with different phases of assessment procedure to ensure the selection of the best teachers. 
CMA always Book for the teachers with teaching aptitude and professionalism. CMA recruits and trains up the teachers as icons of excellent personality, brilliant educationist and devoted teaching professionalism. We do solicit active cooperation and valued suggestion of the respected parents and community members in pursuing our coveted aims and objectives and our cherished dream and hope. We believe generating quality education and ensuring proper character building of the children is a cooperative venture of the teachers and parents.   So, we solicit active participation of the parents in our venture.
CMA attaches equal importance of the students’ curricular and co curricular activities for all round development of its students to enable them confronting the intricacies and complexities of the journey of life with proper leadership, determination, courage and wisdom. 
CMA is constantly reflexing and pursuing to create an appropriate and congenial school culture for making the teaching-learning and character development processes dynamic, effective and inspirational. It wants to set up a culture of discipline, an environment of trust and dependency, an atmosphere of positivity and cordiality and a situation of groom and growth.   
I seek blessings of Almighty for all of us.         

Chetona Model Academy (CMA)
Lt Col Md. G. R. Jahangir, AEC(retd)

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