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Science Club

Science Club

Science Club is formed with a view to making the students interested in science and technology and enabling them to invent something new by themselves.

Some of the activities of science club are:

  1. It includes every students of Science Group as a member of the club.
  2. Classes are arranged on a fixed day of each month to instruct students in different.
  3. Genius students are selected for different types of local and national competitions.
  4. It encourages students to read various science magazines and to watch different types of science related documentary TV programs.
  5. Students are inspired to take part in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Olympiad.
  6. Students are encouraged to make and look for new scientific projects.

Attainments of Science Club:

Every year a Science Fair is arranged and selected 1st, 2nd and 3rd place holders are given prizes.

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