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Science Fair - 2019

Science Fair - 2019

A Science Fair is a competitive event, hosted by schools worldwide. CMA has been organized Science Fair for the first time in 2019.

Science Fairs are not exhibits or mere displays of projects. Students present their Science Projects result in the form of a report, display board, or models that they have created.

Science Fairs allow students in elementary, middle and high schools to complete in science on technology activities. The goals of a science fair is for students to answer a question based on a hypothesis. The students of CMA were so much excited about their Science Projects. There were 25 groups of students which were monitored by two or three teachers. They have made so much updated projects to make Bangladesh a much more developed country by the help of their teachers.

In that Science Fair there were latest Robot and other technology related projects. Through the Science Fair judge by different judge, visitors and other entrants, but at the last all teams were declared at the first position in their own field of experiments. So it’s a great moment for all the teams. So Science Fair is an important factor to motivate the student towards science. It increases the skill of the creativity of students. It also contributes in social development. With this reason, with the Science Fair CMA tries hand to bring out the special qualities of every students in their own field.

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